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you living is a waste of perfectly healthy heart...

i haven't posted on this thing in so fucking long i forgot i had it but i dunno i haven't written anything in the longest time so please don't be too hard i wrote this just now i just finished and then i remembered about my journal so i figured what the fuck right .

i didn't name it
it’s fucking done just like that // gone like a bullet out of the barrel // right through your fucking head // when every one asks // you can tell them i pulled the trigger // it’s the end of nothing // cos that’s all it ever was to you // the stars i’ve wished on are hanging too low // but they reflect nicely // on the pool of blood at my feet // face down on the pavement // hair matted with blood // you look fucking good tonight // i got one more bullet left // i’ll put right where you would // and i’m fucking done just like that // gone like a bullet out a barrel // right through my fucking head

thats fucking it
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