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i don't want to feel this way forever....

yeah so everything is wicked...*thumbs down* yeah everything sucks as usual. i hate alot of things including myslef. i do stuff that i promised myself i wouldn't do. i feel like i have no self control anymore it sucks.. here is some new writing

shades of blue
by kevin

looks like im at it again // another song about how she doesnt look at me // looks like this is all thats left for me // nights full of forever // and days when the wind blows too hard // these feelings i have i cant explain // but maybe my eyes can // ill leave them on your door step // after i pull them out with my hands // i can give you my life if you want // youd rather dig out my insides with your eyes // at night i sneak to house // ouside your window i stare and watch // you breathe so soft // my heart beats, breaks the glass and you wake up // i run away and hide my face // the next night i do it again // i reach in through your broken window // and whisper in your ear // as i come back to the ground // i slice my wrist on a piece of glass // and i lie in your yard forever
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November 9 2001, 08:22:35 UTC 16 years ago

i miss u kev...I hope u cheer up...enjoyin that Dr. Pepper?hehe
Dear Kevin,

Yeah. I don't really know you, but your lyrics are beautiful.

Just thought you should know.

<3 Rinnie
i dunno whats goin on with you these need to make up your mind on what you should be happy in what you chose to keep changing more and more...getting close yet staying so far away...sometimes i wish you were mine again but others i hate the things you do...i hate the things i do too, but you are a hipocrit...well i just want you to know that no matter what i am going to love gonna go finish my coffee now...i will talk to you lata...see ya on the flip side!

Re: hey you


August 2 2002, 10:13:04 UTC 15 years ago

remembering old times:::tear:::