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watching the days burn out like a cigarette, just a few drags to go

i saw saves the day and thursday last night it was quite awesome. i've never seen anything quite so amazing. chris busted out his acoustic guitar. it made me want to cry. i thought of rachel all last night. i miss her so fucking much and life hurts when every single minute is goes by like an hour. i sat in my room for three hours today staring at one picture of me and her. it was me and her laying on my bend and we took a picture of ourselves. how could anything that looked so perfect ever go wrong. i just want one more chance. just another time when i can watch her breathe as she sleeps. just another time i can see that beautiful smile on her face as she says i love you kevin. just another time where we can lie together for hours. where we can lose ourselves in each others eyes. her eyes. indescribable. they were so perfect. sometimes when i lie in my bed. i think real hard and i can almost feel her hand running through my hair and i can almost feel her breathing on my neck and i can almost hear her whisper i love you and goodnight in my ear.
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