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could i end my life with a knife sharpened of problems...

i remember the first time i saw her. she asked me for a hug and ill never forget the way she smelled. i kinda looked into her eyes and then i knew. oh my god my heart fell through the floor. i was like already in love. i remember that time we stayed after school. she had me against the brick wall and i tasted our first kiss. the texture of her tongue the warmth of her lips oh my god my heart fell through the floor. i remember that time we slept over at sams it was the first time i held her through the night everything in the my life was so perfect. i wonder if she remembers the times we fell asleep on my bed watching movies. i remember every moment with her. i even remember listening to the song of the dial as she hung up on me. i god i miss her i just want to be with her.

by kevin

im trying to look through // this old photo album // im trying to see past the pictures // into your eyes into my heaven // and i miss it so much // and i want it back // im setting this book on fire // i want to make new memories // i want my calender to read december 11th for the rest of my life // maybe i could fix things if i tried hard enough // if i screamed at myself forever // if heard my own voice // if i felt the blood // drippin from my eyes // if i felt anything at all // i stay up late at night and wonder // why am i breathin // why is it i am awake // i want to be in my bed // covered in walls // covered in black // my eyes shut tight my lungs not breathing //
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