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why do your eyes paralyze me....

i'm so fucking confused.. i just want to taste lead on my lips. it would be over in a heartbeat and i would have to hear that incessant sound anymore. i'm so sick of being sad i can't stand it anymore i gotta end this. next friday i'm going to see saves the day and then sunday i'm seeing them again that is gonna be cool.

beyond the ground
by kevin

waking every morning // hitting my alarm // it never ends // walking through the streets // tears streaming down my face // mixed with the rain // i cant tell which is which // seeing your face but you not here // and everythings fallin apart // this isnt the way i thought // why does it have to come to this // i guess i could write song after song // i could say theyre all about you // i could tell you i wanna spend every skyline with you // i could tell you that every dream of you // is never coming true // and every thought of you will stay like that // just something that exists in my head // at night it crawls under my sheets to torture me //
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