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a broken trust severed us

rachel i do love you so much i just wish i showed it more and you could still be mine but you hurt me so bad

by kevin
tonight the world is gonna end // cos you keep telling me you wont be my friend // im not sure how im gonna do it yet // but with any luck youll die real slow // and youll loosen the grip on my heart // so i can have it back // can i have it back // oh please please give it back // im begging you // youve have it for way too long // i thinks it is my turn // ive got a pocketful of stars // and im placing them apart // so i can watch them burn bright // and then the earth will catch on fire // and ill stand from the moon, watch the inferno and laugh // as you slowly burn // with all your bitterness // held inside of you // and i wake up day after day // dream after dream // wishing you were dead // ive never wanted to kill some one // till the day you broke my heart // i dont get to wake up to you anymore // its not fiar that you get to smile // and i get to cry // i get to cry // tears burning so bad i cant see // maybe you would love me // if i broke your hear
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