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it's not like you don't know i've fallen for you

today i actually got to sleep for like fifteen minutes and i got some sleep and i had a wonderful dream. i found that by sticking my arms out and moving them up and down i could suspend myself above the ground. and the harder i flapped the more i rose. and i realized i was flying i soared real close to the ground and shot by the playground where i used to enjoy countless hours of playtime and little kids ran along under me. and i soared to the highest cloud and shot down again. and then my alarm clock went off telling i was late for work and when i got there i got a lecture from my manager and i forgot money for my lunch. do wednesdays get any worse? yeah they do cos i got to talk to Alla today she is so amazingly great. i love talking to her. she is so awesome. she makes me just feel really good.
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