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help unchain this memory....

ok i haven't updated in awhile and i can't really remember much, except this excruciating pain that still dwells inside. friday i can't remember what i did so i can't really talk about it. and saturday i had to work at fucking 6am to 2 pm and at work Jake called and told me we were going to see NFG and Blink at suffolk and i was like ok atleast i'll have someting to do. and then i realized rachel was going to be there. and i was like fuck so anywasy the first band was nothing to you know go in the pit or anything so i was walking around and then NFG played. i went in the pit for that and got wicked sweaty and dirty cos dirt wsa getting kicked up and it was wicked cool you know cos i love spitting straight black. *note sarcasm* and then i was walking around after NFG and and i saw Rachel and we hugged and then during the whole blink set she was in my arms. i was wicked happy and then sunday i put in a nice fucking 8 hour day at work and then i wanteds rachel to come over and i found her a ride and she stayed at my house from 8 to nine thirty. i would do anything to see her for like a half hour. i know that is lame but i can't stop thinking about her ever. and when i drove her home i saw Jake and eddie and shannon and they wee gonna go down to dudley road awere the nun hung herself. so i went and i got out and touched the tree and jake turned his lights off and it kinda scared me. and then we went home and it life sucked cos i got a wicked cool email from rahcel sayint that she can't hang out with me anymore. yeah so i'm ready to inhale carbon minoxide. i really just have to get over this. i'm not even going to try calling her anymore. i know i can do this. but it is even cooler that my 'best friend' is being really lame making plans the day we made plans and just to get out of work i'm working a double shift on thursday. anyways the other day i was sitting in my room and i random;ly got up and just started writing this song down and i didn't stop writing and my pencil broke and i just grabbed a pen and it was wicked wierd. i copied it into my computer and here it is, oh i don't know what to name it so if you have any suggestions...

by kevin

just tell me we can watch this sunset // cos i know we wont watch it rise // why is
everything always falling apart for me // nothing ever gets back up // just tell me when the
carnival comes // youll go on all the rides // and when i drive you home // you will say
good night // just tell me what you want me to do // dig my heart out with a knife // only
for the promise youll keep it // id steal a big screen tv // so we can watch dirty dancing
over and over // im gunna hijack a plane and fly to your house // we could take a trip to
sweet paris // and take our picture in front of the eiffel tower // or i could stick this pencil
in my neck // and id hit the jugular and die right here // just tell me to leave you alone //
ill go jump off a 300 foot cliff // you can paint this town red with buckets of my blood //
you can take a can of gasoline // pour it all over my body // light a match and watch me
burn // sit in my room watching nick at nite reruns // id walk across town without my
shoes // my feet will be covered in blood // ill drag myself where you cant hurt me // cos
tomorrow will just be another day that i am let down //
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